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Want to pass your driving test?

Don't fail your driving test with poor preparation and nerves.

With SmileDrive, you'll get the best preparation possible and learn the secret tips to help you control your nerves and pass first time. Our students have an outstanding first time pass rate and consistently ace their test with ease!

What’s the secret?

  • Practice tests

    - You’ll experience what a real driving test feels like. We’ll identify your weaknesses and help you to correct them before test day. It's the best way to prepare for your test!
    > Learn about Practice Tests

  • Fail zones

    You’ll discover the secret fail zones that catch many people out! This will give you a massive advantage and help you avoid the same mistakes on your test.

  • Secret tips

    You’ll learn the tips that will make your Vicroads tester fall in love with you. They'll pass you with flying colours and transform your dreaded test day into one of the happiest days of your life!
    > Learn 5 important Tips

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> Pass Guarantee

We guarantee you’ll pass first time! If not, we’ll pay the re-test fees for your 2nd attempt^

> Expert Parking Tips

Reverse Parallel parking, 90 Degree parking (i.e. shopping centre), 3-Point-Turns and more. You’ll learn how to park in any car - small or big!

> Fun & Patient Instructors

We’ll make learning to drive fun, informative and stress-free.
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