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Want to learn Crash Prevention?

There are too many car accidents on our roads! We hear about it everyday on the news or radio. The truth is many drivers only learn half of what's required, hence why they don't have the necessary Defensive Driving skills to truly be safe on our roads.

But when you participate in SmileDrive's Crash Prevention course, we can teach you 4 Defensive Driving skills so that you won't crash into others and will also prevent others from crashing into you.

Why it's the most important thing you'll learn:

  • Extremely high risk of crashing - Immediately after getting your P's you're 20 to 30 times more likely to crash! Even the smallest mistake can result in a serious accident.

  • 4 Defensive Driving skills - You'll learn how to Plan Ahead, Look for Invisible Hazards, Make Safe Decisions, and Multi Task. We'll reveal the most common high-speed and low-speed crashes and teach you how to avoid these accidents and more.

  • Save money & your life - Completing a Crash Prevention course may cost a few hundred dollars but it's better than crashing and paying over one thousand dollars in excess to your insurance company! It's not worth the risk, especially when a serious accident could mean never walking again or even death.Your future self will thank you for investing in Defensive Driving skills - that's for sure!
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> Expert Parking Tips

Reverse Parallel parking, 90 Degree parking (i.e. shopping centre), 3-Point-Turns and more. You’ll learn how to park in any car - small or big!

> Start Learning with the Best

You'll enjoy a structured training program with an instructor who cares

> Ace Your Driving Test

We'll reveal the secrets that will make it easier for you to pass your test!

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