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Why should I pay for driving lessons?

Having professional driving lessons can be much more beneficial than learning with your parents.

Have fun learning
We are youthful, patient and encouraging, so lessons are always fun and stress-free.

Learn more things, more quickly
A professional driving instructor will utilize the most effective techniques and exercises to teach you more in a shorter period of time.

Be safe on your Ls, be safer on your Ps
Our cars are fitted with dual controls to prevent you from having accidents. Our instructors can teach you defensive driving skills so that you can avoid the most common accidents on our roads.

Learn the secrets of the VicRoads driving test
We will share with you our inside knowledge on the testing procedures, scoring system and test routes.

How many lessons should I have?

A complete beginner typically has 8-10 (90min) lessons in automatic. This will vary depending on your skill level and how often you practice with your parent/supervisor.

Where are the lessons located?

We normally pick you up and drop you off at home (if you're located within our Service Area). But if you prefer, your instructor may also pick you up or drop you off at any location of your choice (school, work, train station etc...). Just make sure you arrange it prior to your lesson.

How do I pay for my lessons?

Pay cash at the start of each lesson or via bank transfer prior to your lesson (the funds must be in your instructor's account before the day of your lesson). We do not accept credit card payments at this present time..

Can a friend or sibling sit in during a lesson?

Yes, but at an additional cost (for more details ask your instructor). However, there is no additional cost if your parent wishes to sit in during a lesson.

In case of an accident, am I liable?

No. The good news is you are not liable for any accidents if you were simply following the instructions of your driving instructor. We have comprehensive car insurance to take care of the accidents for you

What qualifications do your driving instructors have?

Certificate IV - Car Driving Instruction
Keys2drive Accreditation
Police checks and Working With Children Checks passed
Proud member of Australian Drivers Training Association

> Pass Guarantee

We guarantee you’ll pass first time! If not, we’ll pay the re-test fees for your 2nd attempt^

> Expert Parking Tips

Reverse Parallel parking, 90 Degree parking (i.e. shopping centre), 3-Point-Turns and more. You’ll learn how to park in any car - small or big!

> Fun & Patient Instructors

We’ll make learning to drive fun, informative and stress-free.
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