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Looking for a fun & patient instructor?

Stop wasting your money with a boring instructor who puts you to sleep behind the wheel and doesn't teach you the things you want to learn! Many instructors teach you as little as possible. Some don't even care if you fail your test or get involved in a crash afterwards.

However, at SmileDrive we're committed to service excellence! We want you to have fun, pass first time and be crash safe for life!

You'll adore our instructors who are:
  • Fun & patient - We're youthful, just like you, and treat you as a personal friend. We'll teach you what you want to learn (i.e. freeway, city, parking, test preparation). We're always smiling because we genuinely love what we do - that's why your lessons will always be stress-free and fun!

  • Commited to maximising your lessons - We want to help you save money too, and will teach you as many things as possible every single lesson. We'll maximise your lessons to match your capacity.

  • Passionate about your goals & safety - Passing your test on your first attempt; we're more commited towards this goal than you are! We want to achieve this not only because it strengthens our incredible pass rate but because it will save you alot of money. We're also very passionate about saving your life and teaching Crash Prevention to help you avoid the most common accidents on our roads.
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> Ace Your Driving Test

We'll reveal the secrets that will make it easier for you to pass your test!

> Pass Guarantee

We guarantee you’ll pass first time! If not, we’ll pay the re-test fees for your 2nd attempt^

> Crash Prevention

We’ll teach you a special set of skills to help you avoid the most common accidents - this could save your life!

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