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Want to start learning with the best?

Don't waste your time with a lazy instructor who won't provide you with a structured training program, who is not patient and not adaptable. Don't put your life at risk with someone won't teach you the defensive driving skills you need to avoid the most common accidents on our roads.

At SmileDrive we always go above and beyond to save you time, money, and most importantly your life!

Why SmileDrive is better:
  • Structured training - Every lesson we'll grade your driving skills to recognise your strengths and develop exercises to correct your weaknesses. Exercising your weaknesses means you'll learn quicker and save money!

  • Patient & adaptable instructors - You'll feel comfortable when you make mistakes because we're patient and we tailor our training program to suit your individual way of learning (instructional, visual, hands on)

  • Crash Prevention - You're safety is our goal. We’ll teach you a special set of skills beyond what is required to pass your test - helping you avoid the most common accidents!
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> Ace Your Driving Test

We'll reveal the secrets that will make it easier for you to pass your test!

> Fun & Patient Instructors

We’ll make learning to drive fun, informative and stress-free.

> Crash Prevention

We’ll teach you a special set of skills to help you avoid the most common accidents - This could save your life!
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