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5 Important Tips

At SmileDrive, we'll teach you dozens of secret tips to help you pass your driving test.

To get you started...
  1. Don't Speed - You must drive 5 km/h under the speed limit and observe every single speed sign. Missing 1 sign could result in an Instant Fail!

  2. At Stop Signs, stop completely for 1 full second - You'll be surprised how many people don't do this. So ask yourself... if it's really that simple, why don't people do it? We'll tell you what catches people out and teach you a simple solution to ensure you don't embarrass yourself too.

  3. Look at your mirrors - When you brake or turn, look at your rear-view mirror. When you drive straight, look at a mirror (alternate between all 3) at least once every 15 seconds. During your Practice Test, we'll tell you which Stage of the test Vicroads are most picky about this.
    > Learn about Practice Tests

  4. Do the lateral sequence - When you move laterally you must do the lateral sequence. Your Vicroads tester will expect you to do it in numerous situations; changing lanes, merging, leaving or returning to the kerb etc...

  5. Know when to give way - Your road law knowledge must be 100% up-to-scratch to ensure you give way correctly to cars, bikes and pedestrians. Don't just give way to everything, everywhere. You can also fail for being overly cautious! Either spend 1 week reading up on road law or spend just 1 lesson with SmileDrive and you'll learn it the fast, easy and fun way!
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> Pass Guarantee

We guarantee you’ll pass first time! If not, we’ll pay the re-test fees for your 2nd attempt^

> Expert Parking Tips

Reverse Parallel parking, 90 Degree parking (i.e. shopping centre), 3-Point-Turns and more. You’ll learn how to park in any car - small or big!

> Fun & Patient Instructors

We’ll make learning to drive fun, informative and stress-free.
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