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Expert Parking Tips

Don't be embarassed by your lack of parking skills!
At SmileDrive we can teach you how to park like a pro - it's easy and fun!

You'll become an expert on:

  • Parallel Parking between 2 cars
  • 90 Degree (Shopping Centre) Parking between 2 cars
  • Reverse Parking (Shopping Centre)
  • 3-Point Turns

You'll learn expert parking techniques

  • so you can park in any car, of any shape or size
  • overcome the pressure of parking on busy streets

You'll find it really simple!

  • with easy to remember steps
testimonial i perfected parallel parking and other tricks
> Ace Your Driving Test

You'll discover the secrets that'll make it easier for you to pass your test!

> Pass Guarantee

We guarantee you’ll pass first time! If not, we’ll pay the re-test fees for your 2nd attempt^

> Fun & Patient Instructors

We’ll make learning to drive fun, informative and stress-free.
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